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Written by Terry Kemp on .

One pupil at Rowdeford School near Devizes has decided that he is going to give the Outdoor Learning Centre Fundraising Appeal a fundraising boost. He has narrated part of a special video appeal www.youtube.com/watch?v=89vtxEceIKY  and has now set up his own fundraising website www.justgiving.com/jamiesoutdoorlearningcentreappeal hoping to raise the target he has set himself of £1000.

Jamie Rowcliffe a part time pupil at Rowdeford School., is a tremendous advocate both for the school and the benefits of Outdoor Learning. He is only 12 but his dedication and enthusiasm for the project can be seen in our video. Before the filming he had not seen the script but nevertheless he read it through with the confidence of a professional.
Shelly Meadows, his teacher at Rowdeford School said,” Jamie is one of the many pupils who visit the school once a week for outdoor learning lessons within our grounds. He has recognised, as we all have, that if we can raise enough money for our Centre we can share with more children the benefits of this form of education.”
Jamie deserves the last word! He said, “I have already raised £110 and I want to raise more for the project. Rowdeford Outdoor Learning Centre will be brilliant. If more people could just give a little bit of money, we will be able to share a great bit of our outdoors with everyone “


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