Outdoor Learning for Guests at Project Launch

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Group small The many invited guests who attended the launch party for the Rowdeford Outdoor Learning Centre on the 25th September 2015 not only learnt about the exciting project but also experienced the delights of 'Learning Outside the Classroom'  

The Rowdeford Charity Trust Trustees, Patrons  and School staff welcomed some eighty guests to the Arts Centre at the School for an update on the project, its fundraising and a chance to see the site on which the works will take place. What they did not expect though was the fact that they could have some 'fun' doing a typical lesson. Ingrid Sidmouth Head of the School and John Craze the tutor responsible for Outdoor Learning at the school made a short presentation, followed by John ushering everyone outside for the surprise session. 

Back to School

Game small

As John said a typical class would not be as big as the many guests that where there, however despite a lot of chatter and laughter everyone had three short lessons in numeracy, literacy and communication. It was observed that many tried to cheat, break the rules or even rewrite the rules but in the end many got the hang of it !  

After the lesson before it got too dark everyone took a a stroll down to the Project site. There too there was more surprises! The new school Yurt had been erected and everyone was able to see the completed access road and cleared surroundings.

John and Clare

      John Craze LOtC Tutor shows Claire Perry MP the derelict building that will be restored.

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We have done it !

Thanks to so many who have given time, money and pledges we have built our Outdoor Learning Centre !


We want to share traditional outdoor skills and learning whilst breaking down those barriers between people with special needs, the wider community and workplaces.

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