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At the Cabinet meeting the decision on the future of Rowdeford was agreed and will now go to formal consultation.Mike Loveridge Head Teacher said - 

Rowdeford School, its governors and trustees are pleased that Directors, Commissioners and Councillors have recognised the need to maintain a school on the Rowdeford site for future generations of young people with SEND. Parents and carers have always believed that the Rowdeford School site is an exceptional resource, evidenced by the 11,000 responses received via the school’s petition, and are delighted that current proposals indicate that it will remain a part of Wiltshire Special School provision in the future. It is encouraging that Wiltshire Council will be investing a significant amount of money, £20M, to provide for the future of SEND in the county.

Rowdeford School would like to thank the many parents, carers and other stakeholders who are so active in so many ways, galvanising support and showing how much they care about the future of Rowdeford School. We urge the voice of support to continue.

Rowdeford School’s unique strength is its outdoor provision and how it is used to develop community links, with other stakeholders, both within and outside the county. Central to our ethos is our Values Based curriculum that enables all students to flourish.

Outdoor Learning is so important to Rowdeford School because it opens doors to rewarding and sustainable futures in the community and workplaces for young people with special needs. Working outdoors helps students to learn more about themselves and as they grow in confidence, they learn to set goals and tackle challenges calmly, learning to be more positive. To deliver this you need to have the appropriate space.

Students experience how good it feels to do things with other people and to help make the world around us a better place. Students also learn how to look after themselves and stay safe so that they can be an active part of their local communities. Rowdeford School actively seeks opportunities for people of different abilities to work together, developing tolerance and understanding. Rowdeford School’s values based ethos and commitment to outdoor learning must be retained.

We believe in working collaboratively with others, to maximise opportunities for students’ current and future success and in kindling students’ desire to go on and achieve. As we move in to the next phase of the consultation, Rowdeford School will work tirelessly with colleagues from Larkrise, St Nicholas and the Local Authority. Together we will ensure there is outstanding provision, retaining space and a quality environment for current and future students.'

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We want to share traditional outdoor skills and learning whilst breaking down those barriers between people with special needs, the wider community and workplaces.

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