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New Name - Silverwood School

Welcome to the new name !



24th November 2020Silverwood School FINAL 2


Dear Parents and Carers ,


Further to my recent letter, which included a voting link to choose a permanent name for North Wiltshire School, I am delighted that all votes are in. The Governing Body has ratified the most popular choice which was Silverwood School.

This will now be the permanent name of the school and we will now begin the process of designing a new logo that we can use for the website, letterhead, uniform, and signage etc.

I am confident that Silverwood School will embody the combined virtues of Larkrise, Rowdeford and St. Nicholas School. Governors have also decided that from now on we will refer to each of the schools by their campus location: Chippenham, Rowde and Trowbridge.

We had a fantastic response to the school name survey, and I would like to thank you all for your engagement in the process.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I remain grateful for your continued support.


Yours sincerely,


Sean McKeown Aileen Bates
Interim Executive Headteacher Chair of Governors





scheme no wordsOur children want what we all want -- to be accepted and to make their way in life the best way that they can.They just need a little extra, special help.

Rowdeford Charity Trust raises money needed to fund projects to advance the education of children with special educational needs.

The Trust has helped to  fund innovative projects using resources within the Rowdeford School campus that could not otherwise take place. Over the years there have been many successes but, of course, there is always the need for more. The Trust has been working with the school to build an Outdoor Learning Centre in the woodlands adjoining the school. A tremendous opportunity to use and share outdoor skills and learning to break down barriers between people with special needs, the wider community and workplaces. After the terrific fundraising it is now open !

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Garden Fair

rct fairlogo

Rowdeford Garden Fair - Walled Garden Plants sold at Stills Farm, Bromham

Rowdeford Charity Trust Garden Fair

The Garden Fair Committee are very grateful to Pagets Veg Boxes at Stills Farm Bromham for letting us sell some of the vegetables and plants grown for sale in the Walled Garden at Rowdeford at the cancelled 2020 Garden Fair.

Pagets sell veg boxes at £5 and £10 with 6.4Kg bags of potatoes at £5 between 3pm and 5pm Monday to Friday, please don’t go at other times because it is a working farm and people and tractors are out and about. Veg box collection area is shown below:








We have started planning for the 16th May 2021 Garden Fair but are aware of the current Covid-19 status in Wiltshire.

The 2019 Garden Fair raised some £10,500 for the Charity Trust, who do so much to support the school and its pupils. the Project for 2020 is a board walk to make the woodland are fully accessible to all pupils.  Rowdeford is an excellent school that deserves the full support of the community.  We look forward to 2020 and an excellent day out.

Stallholders who had booked for 2020:  Stall holder details

Latest News

We have done it !

Thanks to so many who have given time, money and pledges we have built our Outdoor Learning Centre !


We want to share traditional outdoor skills and learning whilst breaking down those barriers between people with special needs, the wider community and workplaces.

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