Imperial Charity Cheque presented to Pupils

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Now that the Rowdeford Charity Trust has reached ts target to be able to start work they are able to contact the various charities that have pledged funds. One such charity is the Imperial Charity who pledged £1000 if we raised the rest.

Pupils from the School met the President of the Imperial Charity David McCance and showed him the gardens and the site where the new Centre is to be built. Afterwards he presented the children,who on this occasion were, representing the Trust with the cheque. 



New home for Rowdeford Owl

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The building of our outdoor learning centre comes witha few conditions. One of those conditions is the provision of an Owl Box(roost) for our Owl. This bird has for some years been useing the roof of the old kennels so needs a new home now that we have taken the roof tiles off and building works are about to begin.

The pupils and staff have built the box and there has been many sighting of Owen and others standing holding their chins and pondering as to how to get it up into the tree. There has been talk of cranes, 'cherry pickers', even helecopters were mentioned. However, the end result was ladders and 'good old fashioned ' muscle (Owens!) 

Thanks to everyone for their hard work. Let's now see whether Mr Owl takes up residence.

IMG 0709

Mr Craze up the canal with a paddle,

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Aside from all the work in getting our Outdoor Learning Centre underway we often can forget that fundraising is still required for other essentual things required for the children at Rowdeford School.

John Craze,  one of the teachers at the School is so desperate to get some essentual exhibition equipment for his Duke of Edinburgh  Award pupils he is going to paddle his canoe 125 miles to Westminster! 

John has entered the Annual Devizes to Westminster Canoe Marathon in the hope that he can gain sponsorship and raise £1250. He tells us that he has stopped falling in and has been training now for most weekends. To support him and contribute to his fundraising effort. ( and what an effort too!) press Here .


Watch this space - we are on our way!

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As 2016 gradually came to a close we saw our fundraising total coming tantalisingly close to our target. Into the new year and yes we have done it !

Thanks to so many who have given time, money and pledges we are now in a position that we are starting the two stage process of obtaining tenders for the works.


An Autumn Review of Fundraising

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As autumn kicks in and the trees in woodland at the School begins to shed their leaves it is perhaps a good time to review our progress.  Behind the secenes there are meetings , decisions, letters, applications and so much more.

We are now at a time where we are close to our target of £216,000 thanks to the generosity of people and organisations both with time, pledges  and money. In the pipeline there are still applications being considered so the prospect of starting work in early 2017 is looking possible. 

Watch this space for further news!

Maggie finishes and reaches target!

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Trustee Maggie Moore once more put on her running shoes to support our School and the Outdoor Learning Centre. She ran the Great North Run 2016 on Sunday .

We all know the Mo Farah came in first but Maggie was 29,550 out of 57000 and 44th in her category of females 65 and over. Her time was a terrific 13.1miles in 2hours and 35minutes. She now proundly sports a blister and two dodgy toenail.( and of course a big smile)

She has reached her fundraising target! Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Towards 2017 - An optimistic view

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Though the year of 2016 is not yet over it is thought that an optimistic view 'towards 2017' would be an advantage.

The year so far has fueled that optimism for we have had many generous pledges and donations to bring us closer towards our target. The Trustees and the School is extremly grateful for this support. so where are we now and where could we be as the new year arrives? 

Jamie's appeal takes a taxi ride

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Jamie Rowcliffe a part time pupil at Rowdeford School is still hard at work with his target of raising £1o,000 for the Rowdeford Outdoor Learning Centre Project. Within weeks he reached £1000 , inspiring and motivating him to change his target to this £10,000. Seizing an opportunity, he has decided that he is not going to do it alone. He has recruited 15 Taxi Drivers to help.

Children come from all around Wiltshire to attend Rowdeford Special Needs School and for many the transport is provided by taxi. The drivers therefore know the school, know the children and also know the benefits of the pupil’s time there. The participating taxis, for three weeks, starting on Sunday the 15th May, will have a collection box in the vehicle asking passengers to contribute to Jamie’s Appeal.

jamies taxis2

Jamie’s teacher said, “Everyone has been so helpful in setting up this initiative and Jamie is determined to reach his target.’

The taxi project is only one of a number of activities led by this 12-year-old pupil. This weekend he was at the Rowdeford Garden Fair talking to visitors with his collection box firmly in his hand. He is also planning to do a sponsored walk when he visits Wales this year.

Concert in aid of Charity

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There are many ways the the Trust raises money - this one is really special !RCT Concert

Yurt in use

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Now the weather is better the Yurt is being used for Outdoor Learning Sessions. Not that foul weather is really a problem for the Yurt has its own woodstove inside !!!What you might call all 'Mongolian' home comforts .

IMG 6938                                                                      IMG 6936

Tea and Cake thankyou

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On Tuesday 12th of April 2016 our fundraising pupil Jamie and Mrs Howell (Rowdeford Plus Programme Teaching Assistant) showed their appreciation to a kind donation by organising a thank you tea party.

The tea party even included a sponge made by Jamie and his family. As the cake and tea was appreciated so much everyone is thinking that more cake should be baked to encourage more donations !!!!

jamies cake

Fundraising Project Changes

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Thanks to so many people the fundraising project for our Outdoor Learning Centre has progressed in leaps and bounds. With pledges of funds plus money already raised we have over £100,000. 

The demand for the Outddor Learning Centre space however is growing and it is with this in mind that the School and the Trust decided to review where we are and consider next actions. This has now been done and it has revealed that with the restoration of the old building only we could still meet all our targets and benefits. This means that the second ( new build) building for the moment is not required for we are making full use of the Yurt.

This now means that we have a new fundraising target of £216,000 bringing our finish line much closer !  

Each of our kind donors are now being advised of these changes and fresh literature is also being prepared. However we can be optimistic that with luck we could be building by early 2017 ! 

Jamie's now a BBC Radio Star

Written by Terry Kemp on .

This week you will be able to hear an interview with Jamie and his Mum on the BBC Wiltshire The Graham Seaman Show.

Graham had heard of the fundraising work that Jamie had set himself and wanted the opportunity to interview him. It was prerecorded to suit all our timetables but it was a great experience for everyone ! 

IMG 6792 Jamie got to choose his favourite record too ! AND introduced it like a true professional.



Two Rowdeford Supporters and Fundraisers meet

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IMG 6741Today saw the meeting of two Rowdeford Outdoor Learning Centre Supporters and Fundraisers. Gareth John, Chairman of the Wiltshire Branch of The Wooden Spoon Trust met  Jamie Rowcliffe who is busy leading up his own appeal for the Centre.

During the course of 2015 and 2016 the Wooden Spoon Trust has been activally fundraising for the project. Gareth was on a visit to the school, to talk about progress. Whilst there he was introduced to Jamie who proudly informed him that he had reached his target of £1000 and was now going for £10,000.

Two positive fundraisers from two different generations but with one objective - Who could refuse them?

A Rowdeford fundraiser's review of 2015

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It’s this time of year that we get around to writing our thankyou letters (or maybe emails) This Blog post is, in some way, a big thankyou letter to so many people who have been involved with the Outdoor Learning Centre Project during 2015. We have still a way to go in raising the funds we want but the start has been encouraging, thanks to so many people.

Sale of Books brings generous donation

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The Trustees are all busy in working to achieve the substantual target of raising £420,000 for the Outdoor Learning Centre Project.  They are therefore very grateful for the very generous gift of £5110 that was received this week from the Addington family from the sale of books. We are so lucky that the school has such generous friends. 

With this gift, grants already received as well as pledges to date we are 25% there. A tremendous start! 

The children add their voices to our appeal

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Our Outdoor Learning Centre Project is for the school, the children and the many others we wish to share it with. We wanted so much for the children to tell the everyone what we want and thought a video could do that.

I think you will agree they put it across a lot better than you or I could!

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A day in the life as a Rowdeford film director ?

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Behind the scenes of any fundraising campaign there is a lot of planning, networking, decision making, research, form filling in, letter writing and especially positive thinking. The Rowdeford Outdoor Learning Centre Fundraising strategy is no different.

Within our plans there were a variety of actions including the updating of our website as well undertaking the production of a short video letting our Rowdeford children show us the benefits of learning outside the classroom. This week we did this and I had the job of being the Rowdeford School film director. A tough task, for our players were the pupils and once they knew what was going on they were all stars! 

So what was required?

First and foremost a professional producer and cameraman . We can all take photos and home movies but for quality we needed a professional producer and cameraman.

Wattle and Dorb

 Step forward Alan Shellard and Nigel Butler. Great and patient  guys bearing in mind the demands of the director (me) and our huge cast of a Rowdeford actors.  Next requirement was a script. This was down to us. The film is to sell our project and what we want to raise money for and how much, so that was how the script was written.  Next there was the need for music and narrator. You will know from our previous blog that the latter was achieved with the recruitment of Jamie.

Finally we needed the sun to shine. Alan our producer was firm in his view, "We need sunshine!" 

Getting the right ingredients

Thursday this week it all came together.Throughout the day we worked around the woodlands observing and filming the lessons and the children. The sun shone for us and we were able to capture an enormous amount of of material. However there was another important 'ingredient' that really made it all happen. Rowdeford School's Shelly Meadows who was always there when I as a petulant amateur film director demanded so much and so often!  Actually she was always one step ahead of me so I never had to demand anything. (if a dared too that is !)

Let there be music!

 The issue of music and what to use was to me the biggest problem to address. There are a lot of copyright free recordings you can use over this type of film. However I did not think any would work for us.


To our surprise though we discovered that at the end of the school day the school choir were to practice their harvest festival song and we were welcome to use it!  So we set up our camera and microphone and frankly we were 'blown away'!  The song is really terrific and the children really enjoyed singing it and I have to confess I broke out into a little bit of 'dad dancing!

The final studio editing will take a few weeks.

Jamie presents our case for fundraising

Written by Terry Kemp on .

Soon to be included on the home pages of this website will be a short video about the Outdoor Learning Centre Project. After the presentations and chat by adults at the launch of the project it seemed appropriate that we needed to tell the story with moving images and sounds of the pupils in lessons.

Thanks to the introduction by Mark and Cynthia Wilkinson, our Patrons, we had the help of Alan Shellard Director of Artisan Productions and Nigel Butler as cameraman this week to work, inbetween the showers, in recording the lessons and activities of our pupils in the woodlands.

But first we needed to recruit someone to be our presentor. Step forward Jamie! 


With little time for rehearsal and some long words it was a challenge but like a true professional he winged it ! Today the Rowdeford Charity Trust Website, tomorrow Channel 4 News?

Next Thursday the team is back to film some more - So watch this space for the finished article.

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Almost there !

Thanks to so many who have given time, money and pledges we are going to build our Outdoor Learning Centre !

We are almost there!!!! Work begins Early 2017.

We want to share traditional outdoor skills and learning whilst breaking down those barriers between people with special needs, the wider community and workplaces.

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